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Annex Ferbi Boom

Ferby's story

Furby or Ferby is a popular interactive toy for children from six years. For the first time, it was presented in America, Christmas in the long run of 1998, and the first season was the most popular and sold toy. In the first years of production, more than 40 million pieces were sold in 57 countries of the world.

The popularity of Ferby Boom is just not equal. Every Ferby has its own personality, his mood changes and it looks very natural. Ferby likes to dance, sing and even joke, and six sensors are on the mug, on the stomach, on the mouth, on the back, on the tail, and six, it's a slope-level sensor, allowing Ferby to respond to your actions. Thanks to LED sprays, Ferby Boom has a beautiful animation of his eyes. Furby's just like alive, and it's not a call, if you don't have to sleep on your own right now and wait for you to pay attention to him and want to play with him. The new generation of Ferby, apart from the unusual colors and improved animation, has gained a new ability to multiply. Ferby boom is coming!

What does Furby Boom know?

  1. He's studying. Initially, Furby's talking to the Furbish, and as he learns, he speaks more Russian.
  2. Changes character. Every Furby has its own personality, he's even changing his mood! Whatever Furby is, it's up to you.
  3. Sing. Furby sings with your favorite music!
  4. He's eating. You can feed Furby with your hands or using your mobile application.
  5. It falls asleep and wakes Furby will fall asleep and wake up with the master!
  6. Dances. Turn on the music and Furby will dance underneath your baby.
  7. Play with Furby through iPhone, iPad or Android devices. To interact with the new generation of Furby, a free application for smartphones and IOS and Androids called "Furby BOOM!" has been developed. The app will be able to take care of Furby, play with him, record videos and stuff.

Nature of Ferby

The manufacturer indicates that each character is a direct response by Ferby to external irritants and the attitude of the happy holder of the interactive toy. The more attention and the games are given to Ferby, the more he's more powerful and more common. If Ferby often hangs behind his tail or stops talking to him, he can shut up, become annoying and offensive.

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