APP Приложение для Furby

Annexes For Ferbi Boom

Ферби БумHe speaks well Russian, responds to touching, emotions and changes character depending on the upbringing: if you're friendly and caring, you'll get the sweetest creature in the world, but it can be cautious and harmful if you don't care or play with him. It's like life!

And all this-- Furby Boom (Furby Boom)New toy and modern an annex that can be played by your smartphone or tablet.

There's a lot of modern technologies under the soft bar. The motion sensors, touches, lights and sound make Furby Boom truly alive! The game understands when it's rolled, smoothed or rolled down. Furby Boom has a hearing! He hears you and learns to understand.Ферби Бум If you turn on music, Furby Boom will dance and sing, and if he misses, he'll try to get your attention. Among other things, Furby Boom is changing characters, has a great memory, remembers his name, and even... brings children through a new mobile application!

This annex, which is already available in the Russian version of AppStore and Google Play, can collect divergent eggs from which the virtual Furblings (Förblingi) are then leached. The goal of the game is to gather all the virtual eggs, to plant the Freblings all over the city and get a secret gold egg!

Eggs can be obtained during the game in their annex, from the annexes of friends, from Furby Boom toys, as well as through special QR codes, which can be found at www. ♪

You can collect eggs without a Furby Boom toy, but only with it, you can assess all the possibilities of application. With it, you can keep an eye on the level of happiness of your fabulous friend, his feelings, moods and desires, feed him, and also play and take care of the class games together. For example, if the app shows that it's time to wash, it's possible to include a special "douch" and see how Furby Boom physically reacts to the water temperature.

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