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Furby ‘2012: пушистый пришелецMilena Yudaeva

The view is that this interactive game contains some messages through which it is smearing its owners. And what she's learning is capable of learning and repeating whole phrases and even fighting. To test it, we took a toy to our test lab. I'll notice immediately that the tester belongs to an English-language version, with the legacy of Pushkin and Tolstoy unknown.

So, what is this animal called Furby? Turns out most of our compatriots have known him for a long time. Some loved this tailing ear, the others he was annoying, and for others, he was an inexorable childhood dream. They made a funny robot of engineers Dave Hampton and Keleb Chang, and in 1998 Hasbro released him to the flow. I mean, if it's a gremlin, or if the sons, he was able to laugh and say a few words. The success didn't make you wait, the toy left a circulation of 1, 5 million copies. After a year, the sales have already reached 14 million. In 2005, a new generation of Furby became available to learn and communicate with similar robots. Furby ‘2012 has progressed further: they can be controlled by Android and iOS devices, and the mobile application translates the phrases it has given in its own, ferbian language and feeds the pet.

But let's finally open the box, get our animal out of there and see what it's capable of. I got a yellow hairstyle creature (and blue, red, purple, white and black, different combinations). The big eyes are still closed. Furby's off. To breathe his life, it took four finger batteries (not in the kit) and put them in a screwdriver.