Игрушка Фёрби Furby интерактивная по кличке Пикси

The Ferbi Boom Game

We're playing a whole eight superstars:
Ferbi Kristall Rainbow Russian version
Golden Edition
2 Paty rockers Twitterby
Ferby repeats
3 Plume ferbis

You can be one of the eight lucky ones!

Get in the band.
Revert this footage to yourself on the page (for which I like and share with my friends) and do not remove the prank.

And you have to get your friends to play with you!

Be careful, only those who shared this post with their friends, i.e. reposted.

The results will be delivered in the evening of 7 March! Winners will be randomly selected using the selection app
If the elector has chosen a person, but he has failed to meet one of the conditions, the next participant shall be selected until all prizes are dispersed.

How do you get your win?
If you won by March 14th, you'll be able to write where to send your prize.
To write, a blue button on the right to send a message.
Only a person who has reached 18 years of age can get a prize. If you're less than that, tell your parents or close relatives.
If you don't write before March 14, you lose your right to win.