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How To Play Ferbi Boom

ферби инструкция к игрушке, инструкция Furby BoomThe new invention of the Hasbro Company ' s leading production of goods for children, a funny interactive beast, is meant to be a fun time for reproducing and facilitating learning. The bright and inexorable Ferby, the instructions to which are presented below, will be a good friend and a comrade, a great listener and a nice interviewer.

♪ To see a bigger picture, press the right button of mice in the photo, then keep the picture like and keep it on the desk

In general, the Russian instructions are posted on individual deposits on official and specialized Ferby sites. But we have a synthesis of information that will necessarily be useful to new owners of an interactive animal in the first days of use.

Present the main external annoyers and the main actions of the user that cause a reaction from the cute cord:

  • A speech. It's very important to talk to Ferby, and he's responding to any words he's addressed to him. At first, he will answer his mother tongue, the furbish, but he will gradually teach his master ' s Russian speech and speak it, even give a very logical answer, speak and call for action - play, dance, listen to music;
  • music. Once Ferby hears rhythmic sounds, he starts dancing, and sometimes he can even sing. It's a bright and funny show that's gonna have to shower, both the happy owner of an interactive toy and the Ferby himself. He will blink with his big eyes, move into a melody tact;
  • I don't know what to do. With many sensitive sensors that are installed throughout the animal body, it responds to touch.инструкция Ферби на русском языке If it's a lascoal grinder on the back, a belly or a cushion, Ferby's gonna have to respond adequately, she's gonna start shaking nicely, screaming like a cat and climbing even more;
  • cheek. The brush can be tickled and thus called for an active game, in response, it will be chemical, laughing and mocking with its eyes, the function of which is the quality liquid crystal screens;
  • Turning. If Ferby shakes and turns around, he can get a little pissed off and start yelling. This function is performed by the installation of an accelerometer;
  • feeding. Ferby's tongue has a special sensor that responds to touch. 'Cause to feed the pussy and replenish its power, energy, push the tongues several times. For this, an electronic pet will thank his caring master.