Раскраски для фёрби бум играть - Игра Ферби Бум раскраска онлайн

Ferby Play

This sweet, smart and funny toy came out 15 years ago, and since then, it has attracted the attention of all the children of the world. Ferby's uniqueness from the Hasbron is that the child who plays it can create its own identity: Ferby remembers not only the words but also the way the master treats it. The game can talk, laugh and move in response to the game, so it's called interactive.

First, the toy has its own language called " ferbisch " . You can find a vocabulary in a toy that explains the meaning of the words of a pussy baby. Secondly, Ferby has its own memory. It means he can listen and remember words, sounds and actions. Thirdly, he can respond to what he's heard -- mimics, sounds or gestures. Ferby's eyes are a small LCD-Earran that displays many images. Ferby's response may be expected, but most likely it will surprise the master. And fourthly, a few Ferbys can communicate with each other. A special application compatible with iOS and Android will help better understand the toy language and feed it with virtual food.

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