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Toy Furbs

В шутливом ролике игрушки Ферби выместили зло на танке из фильма «Ярость»Contact.




Kimmel misrepresented the film “Jarity” to the public. This war drama came out in an American rental last week, a film starts on 30 October in Russia. The broadcaster is designed to expand the audience for which the picture is focused. In particular, to engage a family audience.

In a joke toy, Ferby put an evil on a tank from the film "Jarstity"

The evening show of the ABC channel, which is run by Jimmy Kimmel, showed a special version of the Yardstick trailer, where Brad Pitt played a major role. In this version of the trailer, the Sherman tank team is opposed not by German troops but by German troops. Ferby toys Hasbro.

Cute pistol beasts were presented to children in 1998

These funny nun creatures filled out everything. We see in the video that they're at least 15 grand. The reaction of a tank team with white paint on the gun is ambiguous. Kimmel himself, presupposing the show, jokes that, like that, a film should attract the attention of a family audience.