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Видео Ферби Бум, видео на русском о Ферби Furby от HasbroIt's enough to see a new, interactive Furby toy, the video that's on the website to understand - that's the dream of every modern child! An amazing beast will be a friend and a child's assistant, teach babies and learn with them at the same time.

unique Furby and video review of toys

The Russian video of Furby presents the full potential of an interactive animal. In addition to co-educating the child in Russian, a toy may:

  • Study new words and adopt rules of communication;
  • To dance, with the best of any rhythm of music;
  • Respond to the lights, touches and commands that are provided by special programmes developed for Android and iOS.

Some parts of the beast are also in motion. The way the big ears move, the centuries and the mouth of Furby's toy on the video is great.

Such a realisticity would certainly interest the child, attract his attention and give him the feeling that his new friend is a very inspired creature. The eyes of the beast are two monochrome screens that portray all the emotions of an interactive pet. By the way, the nature of the toy is quite unpredictable and can be shaped by the process of play, learning and development, both the small owner and Furby themselves.

Game training

The Russian-language video recommended with Furby will provide excellent guidance on the learning process during the game, which has recently been very popular among European and domestic educators. But the uniqueness of this toy is that users have no framework or restrictions, and they can independently develop new options for the interaction of their child and his new interactive friend.

The diversity and functionality of the toys will necessarily affect even adults, as a small electrobot has advanced technical designs aimed at modernizing the learning process for children.

Looking at the Furby video will be interesting for everyone, but playing. Emotional colours and reaction variations in the beast are so wide and diverse that they cannot be counted.