Игрушка Ферби (Furby) Бум 2014, Новинка - 3 990 руб. объявление в

Ferby Furby

Virtually all children are asked to have domestic pets sooner or later. It's a very useful acquisition for a child. The kid learns to be safe with the animal, cares for him, feeds, walks, plays.

But there are many reasons, respectful and not very, for which parents refuse this request. American producers, Dave Hampton and Keleb Chung, invented an electronic alternative to a domestic animal, Ferby.

For the first time, they appeared on the market in 1998 and immediately gained rabid popularity. Buy. interactive toy Furby means giving the baby a home animal. At first, nice beasts, both like soy and hamster, speak their language, but then learn to repeat the words for the child. They have their own character, need attention, may be abused and even sick. Lights and darkness are different. They're responding to touching, and if they're happy, they laugh if they're unpleasant, they're ripped.