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Play Tamago

My kids are very interested in giving them a new toy called tamagochi by their birthday. As far as I know, it's all possible electronic animals. But my work colleague said that those guys were. electronic toys It is prohibited in some countries that they are harmful to the mental health of the child, that he ceases to love real animals. Is that it?

Ah. Varfoloméeva, nurse (Orlov district, Pozvalo village).

The game begins when the child takes the braces in which the program is set, removes the plastics safety and... the egg from which either the bird or the puppy grows or the dragon, depending on the Tamago programme. From now on, the owner of the brace has to take care of his pet all the time. With the control button, he feeds him, cleans him up, walks out, like that.

If the master performs everything he needs, his pet grows safely and even shows its nature. If the baby balls, he's gonna be crippled and spoiled; if he needs discipline, he won't wake you up at night, demand food or walk. That's all.

I share the view of my colleagues that any unliving, fictitious creature that starts to replace the child with everything else shows that parents need to consult and consult with a professional psychologist. But on the other hand, we must not forget the pressure on the child and on the part of his peers, when the environment forces him to share common interests so as not to be outcast. And he's asking for a toy not because he wants to play with an imaginary dinosaur, but because all his friends have dealt with Tamagochi and he's not. Here again, it is important for parents not to see at what point the son or daughter is being pressed by so-called child fashion. The inconsistency of psychotics is also apparent. But by resolutely denying the child the acquisition of Tamagochi without explaining the reasons for his refusal without having to discuss all sides of the question without trying to understand why he needs it, you can lose his trust.

Indeed, like many psychologists, I would strongly not recommend buying a virtual beast for children up to a certain age, say, years to ten to oneteen.

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