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Speaking Toy Ferbi

Furby по кличке ПиксиDescription

What would you play with your baby?

It's not worth it now, because it's a talking question. Ferby's toy plays with the baby! However, according to his mood, every time it's different:

  • Eyes may be fun, good or sad;
  • Even ears and mouths are moving depending on the emotions of your little treasure;
  • How does Pixy dance? It's worth seeing an adult!
  • When he hears music, he starts singing in a fabulous language.
  • Pixy's name is the real finding of the enemy. He always talks and tells stories!

The baby won't miss and learn good and good, because it's worth a little toy to eat or slap a little bit, it'll be in a great mood! But if you shake or turn around, the annoyance and sadness are secured.

What powers does a toy have?

  • In English and Russian;
  • The Android application dances and tells the stories;
  • Changes the mimika and the eye candle;
  • In managing the program, it can sing and even dance;
  • simulates the sound of animals and birds.

You want to buy a real ferbi boom in Russian?

This is for us. The original self-contained pet is happy to eat, develops the responsibility of the child because it needs to be taken care of. Pixy's also well-connected with a special application on Android's phone. It allows him to play computer games. Even the movement of the child!

As a result, even a strong half of humanity has been respectful and interested since the age of three, it's an interactive toy for boys!

The smile and joy of the child are priceless!

What could be better than childish admiration and fascinating rest? That's why the best engineers developed ferbis on Pixie's name specifically to develop your child!

Furby's interactive toy:

  • From materials certified to safety and security;
  • Lascal and soft on the sensation;
  • It fits everything, and little pros and boys and future ladies.
  • Develops computer and technical skills in children.

Ferby's game is the best gift for both babies and kids older!

Main characteristics:

  • Height - 16 cm;
  • Wes 300 g;
  • For kids from the age of 3.

To order Ferby we're offering a shipment all over the country at our store. The game's gonna be a great decision, because it's gonna take a child for a long time, tying your hands off!