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Child Toy Ferbi

One of the main reasons for Furby's toys is that he has an intelligence. They can communicate with people or other Furby, thanks to built-in sensors. At first, they only speak Furbish, consisting of simple slogs and sound. However, toys are programmed to speak less and less in the ferbiche and more in Russian as it grows.

In 1998, the U.S. interactive toys of Förby came in, thanks to Dave Hampton and Kaleb Chang, who spent nine months constructing an e-stamp and nine others developing a design concept.

Hasbro Furby is not just an electronic robot toy, but a real nun friend for your child. The first kid was born like a cologne and was presented in this form to the public in the same year at the International American Exhibition of Toysek, after which he became a hit and bought Förby was able to buy every wanted man. Tiger Electronics was interested in the idea of a pussy domestic robot, which later became part of Hasbro. Over the years, several generations of interactive domestic pets have emerged.

In 1999, there was a Furby child line. These toys were less original, couldn't dance and talked to another, higher voice. However, they were much faster learning the language and had a wide range of vocabulary and built-in games. Furby's boys were born in 24 different colors.

In 2005, there was an emotional Furby. They have become more mobile and emotional, and have learned to communicate with people and other Furby. In 2006, there was also a children's episode of Furby's emotions. They were also less conventional and not highly interactive, but they had movable legs. This series was published for Europe.

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