Интерактивный Ферби очень красивый оригинал: 385 грн

Interactive Ferbi

A real, Original Pixie. New version.
Interacts with the app (may feed, tell stories, talk, etc.)

In Russian.
The High Court game!
Interactive toy developing Furby Pixy.
There's an intellectual conversation with your child.
Talks and answers questions in Russian.
He tells me stories.
Sing songs.
Reproduces melody.
He teaches English words and phrases and counts English.
He teaches a child to recognize the voices of different animals and after the voice of an animal, Furby says his name and tells me about that animal.
Ferby has five buttons under the barrel on the belly of 3 buttons and 2 buttons. These buttons include songs and fairy tales, as well as melodys and lessons of English, remove and add the volume of toys.
The game has a sensor and if Furby's hands, he starts talking in the French and Russian language.
He opens his mouth in a conversation.
They're making eye contact.
The ears are moving.
The toys are soft and strong.
High quality plastics.
It's working from three simple AA (LR6) finger batteries that are easy to buy in any store.
Toy size: Height - 16, 5 cm, Chirin - 15 cm.
There's a beautiful gift package with a transparent front and a convenient hand for the transfer.

New, packed

Guarantees and conditions of return

Inspection and inspection of the goods on the spot at the purchase. No return after purchase

Delivery and payment

  • Self-export:
  • Green Island Trade Centre (Churkin)
  • Slavian Trade Centre
  • Kalinin Street 275a
  • Shilkinsk 10a
  • Delivery to the city is 300 p.
  • Free delivery to Vladivostok under order of 10,000 p.
  • Green Island TC, 2nd floor, fall. 236 from 10 to 19 hours