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Multhylm Ferbi

The city of Denville is famous for the fact that there are two incredibly amicable and disgraceful brothers, Fines Flynn and Freb Flatcher. The energy of these guys is literally shaking through the edge. These negligent boys are doing everything! Their ingenuity could be envied by many scientists who are struggling to develop all kinds of wonderful devices that change people ' s lives. They can make a real show or start a profitable business in a given watch. And putting the whole world upside down on your head is easy! They can make a roarama and escape punishment even if they're too distracted, even though their old sister Kendace just wants to stop this uragan idea by complaining to mom.

The brother's housewife is a fun Utkonos Perry, another character that shows up in every series of multilisms about the incredible fines and Ferba. It's his secret activity, as the most secret agent, that's gonna get the boys out, and the whole world's on the same side, from the evil mad Professor Heinz Fuffelschmertz.

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