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Interactive Toy Of Fisher Price Puppy

This interactive toy. Laugh and learn. can teach the baby the names of different parts of the body and the main flowers.
Scientist puppy knows the baby with alphabet, bill and songs.
Scientist puppy plays with the baby in regimes: Time to learn - study A-B-B and 1-2-3; learn the colours and titles of body parts; learn songs that can be fed.

Scientists help the child learn in the game - invite the baby to learn songs, dances and games; the puppy promotes a child ' s sense of safety, invites the baby to embrace the toy and express his friendship; facilitates the child ' s education of body parts; familiarizes the child with alphabet, flowers and accounts; helps the child understand the relationship between words and images.

Scientist puppy learns: alphabet; figures; names of body parts; colours; fun games.
Evidence: If you want a toy not to make sound, you can use the power switch next to the battery compartment.
For children from 6 months to 3 years.


  • Weight (kg)
  • Country of manufacture


  • Material


  • Weight in package (kg)


  • Number of places
  • Length (cm)


  • Width (cm)


  • Height (cm)


  • Gender
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