Интерактивная игрушка Тошка - Мой любимый щенок (Арт.30590), Vivid

Interactive Toy Of The Toy

  • Archives: SCHT0\M
  • Width (see): 17
  • Length (see): 22
  • Height (see): 25
  • Age to:
  • Age from:
  • Gender: Boys / Girls

A terrific novel from Dream Makers is an interactive puppy Toshka!

Toshka's a trained puppy who can do a lot of teams, dance and sing fun songs, and he can count!

To play with Toshka, we need to press a button in his right-wing right, after that puppy is ready to play. Get the team's puppy and he'll be happy to do it:


1. Freeze.

2. Sit.

3. Stay down.

4. Voting

5. Serve

6. Inclination

7. I love you.

8. Song songs (Water Song, Chunga Chang, Tansut, Bremen musicians)

9. Can you count?

10. Show me the show.

11. Play with me.

12. Tosh, dance.

13. Gosh, sleep.

If you press the button again, the toy will go to sleep mode. If you hold the button for a while, the toy will turn off.

Interactive puppy - it's a real friend who's always fun!

Manufacturer: UFO Wizard Ostrov, RB, Minsk Area, Puhovic District, Marjina Gork, Ul. Zarari, D. 49 k.2 (Belarus)
Importer: UFO Wizard Island, Republic of Belarus, 222827, Minsk Area, Puhovic Region, Marjina Gorka, Ul. Nova Zara ' a, d. 49, room 2