интерактивная игрушка заяц бани — For kids

Interactive Toy Of Banny Rabbit

Founded in 2003, the French Ouaps brand represents a wide range of original interactive toys for children of different ages. Ouaps was able to popularize a child audience in 65 countries around the world. Today, Ouaps toys can be bought in Europe, the Americas... ♪

The company positioned itself as a brand of a unique, individual, living toy based on an interactive game and thus a developing child. Ouaps's toys come into contact with the child and can behave situally. Even based on well-known play stories, they destroy the persistence of stereotyping with their infinite originality.

Basic principles for Ouaps Toys:

  • Interactivity;
  • European design;
  • excellent quality;
  • multifunctional.

The Ouaps toys specially created for the CIS market are completely rubbered, including packagings, from the childhood melody E. Krylatov, V. Shainski.

The main brand is the line of toys built around the image of the sweet and touching rabbit of Bani, which opens a fascinating game for the baby by which the child will know the world around.

The company ' s vision of " Children worthy of the best " underlines its goal of creating a toy that makes every child a life of full of pleasant surprises and positive emotions.

Ouaps - toys for all ages

The stamp range covers a sufficiently broad age range: there are newborn heaters, and active games for children of 1, 5 years, and desk games for children of 6 years of age, which are of interest to many adults.

Product range:

Parents encourage Ouaps toys to buy their high quality, bright performance, good use and joy for the baby.

Ouaps ' s interactive toys brings to your attention the Web-based Toys of the Game Bunch. You can also buy Ouaps toys in our representation stores.