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The game of interactive Hasbro, Little Frebling, has not only become available on the screen of smartphones and tablets! A known American company has produced a series of those children of Ferby that could be raised with a special application, the Freblings. Now you can play with him just like the big Furby Boom!


  • Like the big Frebik, little Förbling Boom needs the care and attention of his little master.
  • The owners of this charming furry comedian need to spend enough time with their pet.
  • If you already have a big Furby, the game will be even more interesting, because Fribling fully supports the special mobile application developed for Furby toys.
  • Little Ferbling can speak in a funny language - a ferbiche.
  • Together with Furby's adults, they can sing a song, as well as a little Ferby kid, just by their presence, they're raising the spirit of adult Furby.
  • He's starting to roll his eyes, move his hands and feet.
  • Thanks to the app, you can play with Frebling at different games, after the game of little Frebling, you can feed or buy, and then sing a fun song with him!
  • During your games and communication, the adult Furby will watch you play and care for his child.
  • Every time playing or taking care of their Frebling, the annex will calculate the bonuses, the virtual currency of the Ferbaxa, which can be used to buy useful accessories for little Furbling.
  • Little Ferbling will be friends with both Furby Boom and earlier Ferby, because the toy supports both the new application and the earlier version of the program.
  • The fun little Förbling Boom will be friends with your child, bring a lot of new impressions and make a game with the big Furby!

In kit: 1 Ferby toy, instructions.

Nutrition: 3 AA type 1, 5V batteries (in kit).

Attention! The price is specified for one item.

  • green
  • Blue
  • White with black
  • pink
  • black with blue
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