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Interactive Toy, Little Rabbit

An interactive toy of Little Bunny is a real sensation in the world of toys, he can talk to your kid, learn useful knowledge, repeat, tell stories, sing songs and dance, answer questions. Your baby and Crawly will never miss you.

A tender, very sweet, touchy, interactive talking little girl!
Responding to your touch, sometimes punking, but apologizing. ♪ ♪
A very obedient and chatter beast, he runs to you in front of you when you call him or five years ago.
Repeat after you, trembling, fighting, poking or complaining... Very alive and sweet!
The game will be a great friend of yours!

Better quality recording with a nice baby voice.
A lot of interesting stories and songs.
Sensors on the paws, belly, pope, head, big ears and tail.

Made out of high-quality plastic, perfectly safe for children.
During the speech, the toy's eyes and ears are glowing.
Responding to the voice: in front of the rabbit, back the rabbit, dance the rabbit, tell the story, etc.
More than 20 songs.
More than 20 stories.
Anecdots, speeds, smart curtains.
Languages and songs in English.

Product characteristics:
Age of the child: 1 - 75 years

Long: 31 cm
Material: high-quality plastic.
Safety: Completely safe (ISO).
Nutritional components: 3 * AA (not included).

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Nice model.Model: 5

Buy a kid one, three months, he likes a rabbit all over the place and dances. Thank you.


Good song sound, good plastic quality



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