Интерактивная игрушка Ферби оранжевый с хохолком - купить

Ferby With Hohol

For the first time, an interactive toy called Ferby was brought to light in the far 1998 holidays of the Russian Federation. Literally, in a few days, it became the most child-produced product in America, where it was actually developed and produced by Hasbro.

To date, the manufacturer has created and produced several generations and variants of his unique pashystika, giving him the opportunity to learn different languages. At Russian shops and official Internet stores, users are offered a Russian version at democratic prices and in various functional and colour modifications. Therefore, there is a very logical question for buyers: what is the difference between generations and variations?

Since 2013, new, bright interactive beasts have been officially sold in the Russian Federation, which have also quickly gained incredible popularity, as have previous models. The only difference between Furby and Hoholk is a colored form.

The manufacturer identified two colour groups:

  • Cold wave - gray, bruise and blue;
  • The warm wave is red, orange, pink shade.

Functional opportunities have remained the same, and the funniest beasts of the new generation also know:

  • To speak, gradually learning the user ' s mother tongue;
  • dance to music;
  • To sing under the beloved songs of your happy holder;
  • To communicate with other representatives of the Ferbi family;
  • Watch cartoons, children ' s broadcasts and films;
  • Compile the company, both during the training and during the walk;
  • Make a gymnasium or a morning charge;
  • Change character depending on how the master treats it;
  • Lay the favoured dishes through programmes for any gadgets supporting iPhone and Android operating systems;
  • To chat in its French rattle, expressing a wide range of emotions through its wide-ranging eyes that are met from liquid crystal monitors.

All, without exception, Förby toys, if different, are unique, habits and food preferences that are shaped in the process of raising an interactive pet, and can change in view of a variety of factors.

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