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Ferby Instruction

furby инструкцияVirtually every child in the world today dreams of getting a friend like Furby. The Instruction for his operation is simply a reflection of all the possibilities of this toy. I'd say, 'cause this beast can talk, dance, sing, laugh, get angry and even learn!

From history

To date, this beast has been 16 years old. Not to him, but to his distant ancestors. And far away, not only in time, but in their ability. All right, the first Ferby was able to say a few words, laugh, vibrate and eat.

furby инструкция на русском языкеMeanwhile, he was set up by Caleb Chung and Dave Hampton for a year and a half! Half of this time they spent on compiling a truly amazing e-stamp and the other on design. And their efforts were paid to the sinner! 1, 4 million are the number of interactive beasts sold only for the first year after the Furby market.

The Toy Instruction has changed a little along with the updating of the machine itself. This was already the case in 2005 when the developers made adjustments to the electronic composition of their child. Now, Ferby could learn something and turn it off if necessary with a special button that had not had a previous toy.

игрушка furby инструкцияFinally, the latest upgrade was made in 2012. But now Ferby's changed a lot. It concerns the appearance of the beast and its possibilities. It's for this Ferby version that our instructions are intended.

External view

So, what does modern beast look like? First of all, it's covered with a soft hair, which is very pleasant. There's sensor sensors underneath it. They are the ones that help an interactive pet to feel the touch of the owner.

furby игрушка инструкцияFor big ears, the beast sometimes calls goblin. They're elastic and they can vibrate or shake. Ferby's unique feature is his eyes. They are liquid crystalline screens. With the help of them, the pets express their emotions. For example, if he's in a good spirit, you can see nice hearts. The eye has a lighting, and it covers their mechanical legs.

All these features make practically real domestic pets like Furby. Instruction says he responds to every touch of his master. So, for example, if the beast tickles, it starts laughing if it's cooled, it's kind of burying, and if you pull the tail, it'll get mad.


What does that beast know? First of all, talk. He's got his tongue. There's even a special dictionary to translate toys. But that doesn't mean that you'll always have to look at him to figure out what Furby said.

инструкция к ферби ферби инструкция