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Interactive Toy Of Zanzoon Fairy Tales

Интерактивная игрушка «Ежкины сказки», Zanzoon (Занзун)

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Age: 3-5 years, 5-7 years

Gender: any

The Interactive Toy of the Zanzoon opens your child to the process of creating a wonderful book world. How are stories coming up? Now he can put them on his own with his new friend!

  • Incorporate the funny hero with the On/Off Tumble on the back control panel (stashed under the bucket) and adjust the sound volume;
  • Press toys to listen to a story or come up with a new story.
  • In line with the questions that the toy asks, press her ears (to make it easier for a child to choose and point out during the game, they're in bright colours - orange and blue);
  • If you decide to create a fairy tale together with a pig, he'll remember it.
  • To finish the game, press the character's nose again or wait a few seconds.

The game operates from three AAA-type batteries, the demonstrations are on the set. So what else do you know?

  • Says two stories already prepared;
  • helps your child create another 56 different stories.

Did your kid want to be a writer and make up his own fascinating stories? Now he's more close to it than ever! I want you to meet him with the magical egg-speaker and develop your child's fantasy.

What is it that the Toy of the Lessons promotes?

Because of the characteristics of the set, you develop your little fantasy self-reliance, choice, creativity and imagination, concentration and attention. With the help of a fairy tale, he fills his vocabulary, enriches the speech, learns to build phrases beautifully.

Zanzoon (Zangzun) is a well-known company to produce trainers and develop interactive toys. The range is presented by bright and red, smart characters, who are always ready to have a little girl and tell him a lot of new things.

What stories will your child come up with? interactive toy? Buy Yeokin' fairy tales to develop his fantasy and imagination!

Item parameters: operates from 3 AAA-type batteries (demonstratives in a kit), a toy size of 135x145x115 mm, a package is a 250x130x230 mm carton, a weight of 470 g Age 3-5 years, 5-7 years Gender any Quality development speech development, creativity BrendaZanzoon Country of production Russia Materialplastics, PVC, textile