Ферби Connect фиолетовый (Furby) на английском - Интерактивная

Interactive English Toy

More recently, my hands have been hit by an interesting gadget, a Smart English video teacher I want to tell you about.
During the time I studied English, there were already accessible elements of an interactivation - cassettes and educator from ESCCO (Typho, Typhou, Typhou) and Ilona Davodova (who is this?).
There is much more studying on this time lag. These are all possible programmes for Android and IOS (Lingualeo hello) and desktop programmes, and rehearsal search and work (maybe remotely through Skype etc.) and even the same courses from ESCO (with little change in 20 years).
But all these options didn't fit me for one simple reason. My student is two years and eight months. I don't want to touch the moral side of learning the foreign language at that age. How can a child be taught in a foreign language when he's in his mother-in-law yet unable to speak! " Hmm. Some and 30 years do not always speak " national " .
And as I think for the initial stage of study, I have been able to find a suitable option that is in line with my requirements (primary phase, game study, so that the child can work with him himself). Meet the Smart English video teacher.

Packaging and kit:

I have this motto coming through an all-out DHL, so the delivery almost didn't affect the appearance of the package, and I can show you:
Don't be surprised by the size of the box, additional teaching materials (pasals, books, posters and steakers) can be purchased to Smart English. And they'll all fit in that suitcase.

The package consists of:

  1. Directly a mouse.
  2. USB cable for computer connection (also serving as a charge cab).
  3. A charger with a Euroville.
  4. Shnorok.
  5. USB-Resiver and DVD (attached)
  6. Diadactic cards directly used in the process of study (number 54 stat. Laminized, fairly tight).
  7. A whiteboard marker + a blank to wash it. They can also be written directly on the teaching cards, which connects visual and muscle memory.
  8. User manual (shared with already developed training plans) prepared by Dajet.

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight is 150 g.
  • Dipplei - VC display 2.8.
  • The power is a built battery.
  • Communication standard - Wi-Fi Reciver (for display on screen).

If you're interested in the inner world of the gadget, write the comments. As long as it doesn't work out, the son has full possession of the device.

Process of work:

And here comes the first problem for my baby. Yes, unfortunately, my child was unable to turn his own pen (although the tablets and phones include and unlock on the ears). The whole point is that the inclusion is moving the blocking plug and keeping it in a state of emergency for a while. On the other hand, this is convenient for parents who want to monitor the education of children.

Many cards provide an opportunity not only to listen to the pronunciation of single elements, but also to listen to the contents of the entire card (referred to as “ALL”), to sing a song (marked with a note) and other sound escorts.

Hand controls and interfaces:

On the top of the device, the following pieces and buttons are located:

  1. Micro-USB disabled to connect the cable, charging.
  2. Let's get a map for Micro-SD. Provided for storage of additional information (up to 16Gb maps are maintained).
  3. Audio-divorce. If the kid wants to study and you want to sleep, the headphones will save the situation.
  4. Breaking out!

Control buttons are located under the screen:

  1. Work mode switch button.
  2. Buttons + and volume adjustment.
  3. Play button for inclusion (e.g. at the time of melody loss). Also in the case of long-term compression, the screen operating modes are changed (read below).
  4. Rec's button allows for the recording (and repression of the recorded) of its vote.

Working principle:

The principle of operation of the device is original and, at the same time, simple.
When I read about the gag, I was thinking, how does it work? The inflammatory imagination painted the RFID cards; the chubisonotechnological fibers in paper; the UF, sending signals directly to the pen.
But it's a lot easier:
The following structure is under a green pen ring:
Small Gif lights
In the middle (in the black tube) there is a sensor on the side of which the lights are located. The power for lights is constant (when the pen itself is on). So the pen is always ready to be used to consider the picture not to be pressed on any buttons, but it's enough to put the pen to the drawing.
How does a pen know what a picture is in front of her?
Look carefully at the picture below, and I think you'll be clear.
И в принципе в данный момент устройство уже готово к работе. Теперь достаточно направить его «пишущим» концом на нужную картинку дидактической карточки и вы услышите что же на ней нарисовано (а на дисплее ручки еще и увидите).