Игрушки мягкие | Rich Family

Interactive Red Toys

Address: P. Mira, 1

Value: between 200 and 400 roubles per person depending on programme

Interactive is the most adjective, which is not quite a standard museum. In addition to the static exhibit (which, if possible, seeks to supplement new exhibits), children, parents and other unsatisfactory groups can attend lectures combining physical events, chemical experiments and other special effects that are not surprising, all of which are the events surrounding us daily.

Little Einsteins, Scientific Date, Free Energy, Underground, Frozen Light, Planetary, Nature of Light, Aviator are just some master class names, guided tours, quests for adults and children, lectures and other museum activities. And after the visit, you can buy a smart toy at a shop in Newton Park or order a molecular bar to a cool party outside the Mira Museum.

Galileo Charque

Address: Spokesperson of Krasnoyar Workers, 27, p. 4

Value: between 300 and 450 roubles per person, depending on the age and day of the week (1 March)

The main dignity of this museum is a whole bunch of optical illusions that don't take pictures of only lazy. Green labyrinth, interactive exponents, room where you can walk through walls, more than 1,000 square metres to date, walk with children or hochot with friends.

As in the case of Newton Park, there are guided tours, lectures and classrooms, selling scientific toys and answering all visitors ' questions. So the right-saving science is slightly less well known, but not less wealthy, for all classes with a good mind and no greater financial loss.

Gravitation Research Centre

Value: 100 to 450 roubles per person depending on age and programme

In this Museum of Science, emphasis was placed on education and exhibition. Even if you're not young, you can master the laws of physics, pull chemistry and mathematics, you just have to declare your wish. Well, those who aren't ready to go to lectures on the calendar will have something to do in the mirror labyrinth, the dark room with electrical tricks and three different scientific shows for adults and children.