Интерактивная игрушка Зайка - Всезнайка (на бат., на д/у, звук

Interactive Lock Toy

Alilo's Music Night Toy not only helps the baby sleep tightly and calmly, but it'll also make a lot of new ones.
Alilo R1's smart bun. He can play different amazing music, tell stories, light in the dark, and introduce your baby to the surrounding flowers that make his life bright. Alilo R1's smart borrower is also a hemorrhage. If you shake him, he'll start reproducing the melody, press "Stop" in two seconds after losing and shake again, the melody will change. Special features:

  • A solid design without sharp edges.
  • Flexible silicone can be light
  • Five hours of continuous game without charge! Charging through USB (please appended)
  • Loaded content: 16 songs and 16 Russian fairs
  • 5 acoustic soundes for a child sleep (white noise)
  • 66 Rings for heating
  • Fair instruction Russian and guarantee 30 days
  • Color recognition technology: put the bucket on the subject and push a little. The ears of the Smart Duck will be lighted by the colour of the surface, and he will tell you what color it is (in Russian and English).
    Attention! Alilo's borrower can only determine the following colours: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black, gray.