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What A Ferbi Boom

I don't think you're going to be a little bit of a hustler, you know, or you don't know what to do? We'll go to the house! We've got a lot to do!

990 rubles.
FERBI LEDES - Renovate the Ferby Bum (Furby Boom), Ferbi Cristall (Furby crystal) Ferby Connect.
AMY ZABYARAEM is a free favor to pick up the ferbis on the Krasnodar.
GUARANTIA 3 MONTHS - Upon completion of repair, we issue a check with a guarantee for three months to be maintained until the end of the guarantee period. We also make recommendations for use.
30 minutes of repair.
After the full toy check.


You're sending us a toy in any way convenient to you (through extradition, transport company, Russian mail, bus, friends, friends, relatives).
Remont, we're repairing the toy within one day.
We're sending you a toy in line with you. Send the toy on our account. The cost of repairs for the regions of Russia would not exceed 990 roubles.

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