Детские игрушки и товары для детей от Hasbro Furby (Хасбро Ферби

Interactive Toy Ferbi Hasbro

The German researcher Florian Oichner (Florian Euchner) aka Jeija gave GitHub a very exciting repository presenting the results of his research on the Furby Connect. How hard to understand from the name, Hasbro developers have created a smart toy that can communicate with official Android and iOS applications Furby Connect World through Bluetooth. " An improved intellectual chip allows Furby Connect to learn and expand vocabulary. And the 16-fold memory can store more than 1,000 phrases, which reads the official description of the toy.

GitHub Jeija writes that no Furby was injured in his research (not physically needed to break the expensive toy), but the researcher found out that the toy contained two micro-control agents. Micro Controller GeneralPlus is responsible for movements, speech and LCD-label for a toy beast, and the second micro controller from Nordic Semiconductor controls everything related to Bluetooth Low Energy. The more precise characteristics of Oichner are unknown because they would have to be " covered " by Furby, but the researcher suggests that the toy is using the GPL16XXXX processor.

" Furby can interact both autonomously and by connecting the [play] to Android / iOS Annex Furby Connect World, which fully controls movements and speech, and transmits updates from Hasbro servers to Amazon AWS " , explains Oichner.

In GitHub, the researcher carefully documented how the Furby brains work, considering how the Furby Bluetooth works, an annex-based updating mechanism, accessible sequence games and so on. As you could understand, the researcher managed to get to the diagnostic menu of the toy. It's what makes it so creepy in the eyes of Furby in the video below.

By the way, if Oichner's research is correct, the official application is not exhausting the use of HTTPS:

" When Furby Connect World is launched, it connects to the server and loads the inside content, for example, 3D models, background music and other sounds. "

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