Игрушки интерактивные для девочек.Детские товары - Россия

Interactive Toys For Girls From 3

Interactive toys teach a child a better understanding of the surrounding world, be more common and friendly, take care of others, love animals. Such toys respond to an action or a team or create a situation where the child must make the right decision. Children are actively developing in this game. So buying an interactive toy, you're giving something more than just fun. Interactive toys are produced for children of different ages, literally from one year to the other, most often in the form of living creatures, fabulous or real.

Don't forget that such toys will never replace a living human relationship. In our store, these toys are presented as follows:

Wowwee robots are a legendary line of human robots Sapiens, robots are dinosaurs, soft interactive toys Alive series flying robots.

Robot is a Pleo dinosaur who responds to sound and touch and can learn and be attached to the master.