Интерактивная игрушка котенок Тишка — 500 руб. — Игрушки — Майское

Interactive Kitty

Everyone would like a little kid's toy toy to understand him and be able to communicate. Hasbro FurReal Friends' Interactive Toy will be a great friend of the child, because he needs not only attention but special care. Unlike the long-overdue teddy toys that can't do anything, this kitty can be driven on a leash, it can eat, and even requires, a tray that can walk like a real cat.

To feed the toy (she really can consume food) there is a toy food. The kid can feed the kitten himself and walk him out. The game is capable of moving smoothly on small, practically unmarked wheels. If you stop at the time of the walk and slightly squeeze the pen, the kitten will be able to go to the bathroom, which will require a subsequent cleaning. This will give the child an understanding that even the smallest animals require care, and then make the baby more responsible and careful.

The kitten is capable of making sound, attracting the attention of the child. There's a walk in the toy kit, as well as a kitten bag. Two AAA batteries will be needed for feeding, which can be bought in any store without problems.

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