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Ferby Annex

Installation of Android application from 2.3.3. furbybelarus.by

The Annex can only be used with Furby Boom. Only the last toy model has all the necessary opportunities for interaction with the annex. If you have Furby 2012 or earlier models, only Annex Furby is appropriate for them.

What is necessary for the installation:

Google Play phone
Wi-Fi or mobile Internet (text 270m)
Annexes TunnelBear
So let's begin:

We're downloading the TunnelBear in Play Market.
A new user is being registered. As soon as you have your drawer, go to your mail and confirm the registration by reference. Furbybelarus.by
We'll go into the TunnelBear applications to the ON button.
Introduce the Play Market "Furby boom" and move on to the app. furbybelarus.by
We're pushing the button to fix and downloading 270MV. furbybelarus.by
And now we're getting an annex.Furby boomAnd on his gadget. Oh!
But questions and issues are not over.
It's important that your device sync up with the Furby Boom pets.

The annex is currently supported only on the following devices:

À Dell Streak 7
À Samsung Galaxy S4
À Samsung ACE 3
À Samsung Galaxy S2
(If everything works on your device, write in the commentary)

The annex may not be correct for all other devices.

♪ There are no other applications on the mobile device that are in the background

What if Furby Boom doesn't connect to the app?

Reload the mobile device and Ferby.

Like any Ferby electronic device can hang out. When rebooting, all Ferby data will be preserved: the type of person, the name, everything you taught him. (To reboot the bolts on the battery compartment, press the green button, holding in five seconds)

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