Pou – необычный тамагочи для Android

Tamagoci For Android

Interesting thought, different mini games, castomization of heroes

Large schedule

Pou - feed, brush, play and grow the day after your electronic friend's day in the Android app, very similar to what we remember, called Tamagoci, with personalization under any taste. Careful, don't forget real friends!

Dreaming about a friend who will never leave you, will not betray you and will depend entirely on you, but at any time will you be able to get rid of him? Then your personal and irresponsible favorite right now can settle in your smartphone. A nice virtual pet will have to wash, feed, treat and entertain, buying coins, food, medicine, toys, clothes and stuff.


So we have a house with the following rooms: bedroom, bathroom, room, kitchen and play room. And there's a lot of territory around the house that can also play and have fun with the pizza. In the bedroom Pou sleeps and is so energized for games and everything. In the room, you can talk to your friend, just say whatever you want, and Pou will be happy to say the word in your word.

There's a refrigerator in the kitchen, so it's where you can feed your pet by buying any food for your choice. And in the bedroom, there's a way to turn off the lights and let the Pou sleep by energies for further entertainment. In the bathroom, you can clean and freshen your beloved man with the usual bush.

The most interesting and fun you'll find in the game room, the choice of mini games will certainly be a pleasure for amateurs to participate in difficult, relaxing entertainment. Games are made without a search, but qualitative. At the moment, 15 mini games will be at your disposal, so you're not gonna have to miss.

Pou for Android:

  • A convenient interface and intuitively understandable management with a high degree of realisticity;
  • An entire virtual house with rooms and a precinct for games and gardens;
  • Location in many languages;
  • Vegetable and diverse games are a great choice for any taste;
  • Progressive release of achievements, new levels and special items to improve your pet;
  • Empowering your favorite through clothing, accessories, color, etc.
  • Great, highly sensitive microphone, distinguishing all the sounds in detail.