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The Chick's On-Line Talking Toy

Dream Makers' Interactive Toy is a charming sand with good eyes that will not only cheer the baby up but also teach him a new one.
The charming puppy is covered with soft and pleasant fur, with big touching blue eyes and a soft black nose.
Tosh is a real scientist puppy. He's good at hearing teams, he knows four songs and seven fun counts. A total of 13 teams perform puppies:

  • Stop!
  • Sit!
  • "Let go!"
  • "Golos!"
  • "Listen!"
  • "Slope!"
  • "I love you!"
  • "Song song!"
  • Show me the show!
  • "You can count?"
  • Play with me.
  • "Donkey, dance!"
  • "Go to sleep!"
    If the puppy starts playing the voice team, it's necessary to include the toy, press the button in the right face. If the puppy doesn't understand the team, he's gonna fix it. If you don't give a command for 30 seconds, the toy will go to sleep mode.
    Games with an interactive puppy contribute to the emotional development of the child, as well as help him develop responsibilities, attention and imagination. The touching puppy will certainly be the best friend of the baby.