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Snow Bars Is An Interactive Toy

Price: 5,999 rubies (comparing prices in stores below)
Where else can I order my first snow bars FurReal Friends?

Age: 4 years
Hero: Furry Frenzies (Furreal Friends)
For boys and girls
Colour: white and blue.
Complex: pet, bottle, rack.
Battery: Intake.
Type of battery: 4 x AA / LR6 1.5V (gauge).
What makes a toy (compound): textile, plastic, metal.
Packaging size: 35.5 x 35.5 x 18.2 cm.
Packaging: Blind type cardboard box.
Landlord: USA.

Interactive toy FurReal Friends of the Hasbro Snow Bars are a full-fledged pet who can produce more than 45 different sounds and move in the room! It's short, but the thick wool is in a sero-white color gamma. There's two accessories in the kit: a hunch and a baby bottle. The first can be " lure " to the bars, and the second is necessary to feed the beast from time to time.

The Furial Francis Snow Bar is an interactive pet with all the advantages of a simple soft toy. In particular, he's very pleasant and his appearance is very funny.