Интерактивная игрушка ходячий щенок hasbro gogo - Блог о товарах

Puppy Game Interactive

Dancing puppy or a musical cat, interactive toys for the baby, making his life fun and fabulous. Our online store offers a huge catalogue of smart, interacting and developing toys that will become permanent satellites for your children.

Interactive toy: what and what

You have the opportunity to buy Ekaterinburg interactive toys any taste, for a girl or for a boy. Funny novel can be a robot, a doll and even a booze, but we offer a classic version of animals!

A modern pet will replace your child not only with a teddy bear, but also a real homeboy you can't start. Loved beasts will help a child learn to speak correctly, sing, friendship and... a dozen more interesting things.

The soft owl, nice to the smell of lisen, the gambling kits are created from an innovative plastic, artificial mechan, textile. The materials are safe for the child ' s health, they don't roll, they don't flourish, they easily carry dozens of children ' s attacks per hour, because they're built strictly on the GOST. There's a lot to do with the repetition, an exception to the two of us, because inside the pet is an electronic heart.

Compliable pet: PC-5 reasons

By choosing an interactive toy, you choose a real friend for your baby. The one who:

  1. It helps develop a small hand motor, healthy, caring, glowing it. Nice tactile feelings will teach the baby to express feelings and emotions;
  2. He teaches to speak, correctly folding letters in the slog, singing, reading poems. And the baby will practice memory and develop imagination;
  3. He'll study the rules of obedience, because he'll be able to perform the teams, for example, to lay his hands, hang his tail, smile, or... eat. The child will learn to listen to parents;
  4. It's a great mood, because a small beast is comfortable taking it all with it;
  5. Adapting a child in a social environment, learning how to interact with others.
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