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Popular Interactive Toys

Популярные игрушки в Among the toys, like any other product, there are real-timers that every child wants. If they had to run a bunch of stores before, or go to another city, they could just be ordered via the Internet. Virtually all the bosseller toys are in the store catalogue.

What popular toys are in?

Toyru is a store with a huge range of children's goods. You can find the toys that are most popular with modern babies. Only some of them:

Designers Lego. The divergent parts for the construction of the most unimaginable structures have not been popular for decades. Toyru sells the original designers Lego and one of the first offers its buyers a brand. In the catalogue of the store, we can find the most used series, for example, Duplo, Technik, Princess Disney, Ninjago and many others.

Princess Disney's dolls. The girl's favorite heroines of the disintestine multfills found their true expression in the popular doll series. It is possible to find all the princess who are dreaming of little fans of fairy tale: Snow White, Jasmine, Merida, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anne from the Cold Heart and many others.

Популярные игрушки в

Interactive toys Two interactive toys started a few decades ago, when the whole world went crazy over Tamagochi. Today, producers have started offering much more interesting toys who can communicate with a child (although Tamagochi in Toyru can also be bought). These are the dolls that ask for food, sleep and talk, and the robot dogs that do the master's team, and the famous cute little Ferby.

Doctor Plucheva Multserial. The Multhylm about the girl who treats teddy toys is now at the top of the popularity of the kids. So the dolls of his heroes will become a welcome gift for any child. And in Toyru, you can purchase a set of young doctor and other accessories for the Multserial game.

How do you save by buying popular toys in Toyu?

Popular toys don't always welcome a low price. But it's not so hard to save on their purchase. That's why you just need to be a permanent visitor to our website. On the Toy's special offer page, you'll always find information about all the existing online stores, coupons and floats to get a discount. And you can also sign on our free mail to find out about all the ways to save on Sethie shopping before anyone else.

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