Интерактивная игрушка hasbro furreal friends пушистый друг щенок

Interactive Toy Hasbro Furreal Friends Playing Puppy

Price: 3,559 rubies (Tyre price comparison below)

Where an Interactive Furreal Friends J.J. (Jay-Jay) (partner shops) can still be ordered:

Interactive FurReal Friends from Hasbro wants to play with you! This cute little dog with good eyes will be the best friend for your baby. He's got a bean colour, ears and a nice face of dark brown color, and he's wearing a blue medal in the shape of a heart. This soft interactive toy looks exactly like a real puppy, but it's gonna be a lot smaller.

Flexible Hasbro interactive toy The FurReal Friends game is lax and gambling, teamwork and beloved by bones.

An interactive game of Furreal Friends J.J. (Jay-Jay) casts a voice, speaks to the child.
On J.J. My Jumpin’ Pug, it's on the back.
The FurReal Friends player wears a magic medal on the neck.

Take care of this sweet home animal and you can drain it right away. The batteries are already in the kit (required to be LR14 1.5V).

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