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Interactive Puppy Toy With A Friend

Times when children were happy with tedious silences, barbie mutations and clumsy robots, they're leaving quickly. Even talking interactive dolls, they're probably about to die like Microsoft Barney dinosaurs. Other times, other dolls... You can't even call them dolls. They are digital creatures, digital creatures, unknown electronic beasts. Intelligently, many of them can already compete with a very drunk man, and at cost with new " livings " . The process of increasing the intellectual level has not yet started with all the matching toys. Microsoft Barney Interactive DiNozzar Microsoft Barney with PC interface clearly identified this trend. But the real world of intelligent toys broke up in the first place after Sony AIBO's electromechanical dog, just as the genre of high-budget militant was split into two phases with the Therminator-2. Court day”

In a few years, a private American, European or Japanese family is expected to have as many entertainment details as they wish. It is believed that " e-bots " (e-bot, a derivative term from Czech revolving " electronic " ) will be the same as television, computer or refrigerator. Meanwhile, electronic dolls are still exotic. The most digital toys we've had and will be addressed in this review.

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