Интерактивные игрушки

Interactive Toy With My Favorite Kitten

Tiska AniMagic, grey and pussy, little mistresses just don't want to get out of their hands, they keep smoothing him up and running. Tea's got a funny face, it's funny to cover his eyes when they feed him from the bottle and it's very delicious. If they don't pay attention to him for a long time, Tishka is messing up and calling for a game.

Little kitten looking for a little mistress.

The game is for children from three years. Tea can replace a child with a living kit, because it looks like a real one! Besides, this sweet cat with a lovely, silk hair will be a great gift for a girlfriend or a favorite girl.

Tea would like to grow up.

Toy size, about 17 centimeters, weight, 370 grams.


  • Dynamics;
  • Motor;
  • Two touch sensor;

The game is made of hypoallergenic materials.

In the kit:

  • A box of blood.
  • Cock game.
  • A bottle of sausage.
  • A blade.
  • Instruction.

Nutritional components are required for the operation: 3 AAA type batteries (misink).

My master is the best!

Become Tishka's master, little lady gives him all her free time. The baby needs to be cooled and scratched and fed. To sleep, a kitten needs to be made with a soft, comfortable bed. In the morning, the girl will have to feed and load her favorite. Tea can listen and keep secrets.

Moms, calm down!

The game is pure and easy! Even if your little girl tries to feed Tishka with a veil, enough to wipe a cat's face with a wet napkin and it'll be clean. It's hard to break the game, so it's done. AniMagic, a kitten, will be happy for a long time with your child and will always be in a beautiful state.