Веселый котенок Ками FurReal Friends - купить интерактивные

Interactive Toy Furreal Friends, Fun Kitten Kami

Furial Francis's toys are furious cats and fun dogs, soft rabbits and hard horses. All these animals are made with great love for children. An interactive walker Furreal Friends will be a great playmate that every carapus dreams of. Flexible stain rabbits are very nice and nice to feel, they can be hugged and played. Interactive little pony Furreal Friends is the symbol of this year. It can be presented not only to a child, but also to an adult who wants luck and luck. The Furial Frances cat is a special place among the toys. She's got different coloring options, so you can pick a pet for your taste. Products of this brand are of different quality, as well as different functions: sound effects, moving.