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World Of Interactive Toys

Know as much as possible from the early age! It's very simple for fans of toys fired under the label. The promulgation among the little fountains of the ZNATOC brand specializes in the development and production of child-based interactive toys. Their innovative kits are aimed at expanding the play-based child horizon and are based on the best long-standing traditions of the Russian educational process. Electronic toys of ZNATOC are high learning properties and are ideally combined with great play potential.

The constant quality of the game kits is a brand card. The production uses the safest materials that meet the highest standards and standards.

The commodity mark catalogue will accumulate a variety of toys that help children and children of school age to understand the world. For years now, electronic toys, interactive games, books and teaching materials produced under the label of ANATOC have helped small geniuses to reveal their rich potential. Among the cults of the ZNATOC assortment line, musical carpets for babies; sound books and posters for basic knowledge with maximum efficiency; a collection of fun tricks in the Face opts set; impracticable games and teaching properties and unique electronic designers; proudly different arable

The games with the ZNATOC toys are careful and as effective as possible for training. Each game kit aims to create a specific skills set for children. With them, the child will be much faster and easier to learn the basis of the letter, reading, learning foreign languages, learning a lot of interesting facts about the world, revealing the logic, laughter and other qualities necessary for adult life and the great victory that will necessarily await our young intellectuals in the future.