Интерактивная игрушка Woody O Time Хохотун Лев мини Жакет

Woody Interactive Toy

Говорящий Хомяк Woody O'Time

Description from manufacturer

This funny hamster will give a lot of laughs and fun to both children and adults.

Interactive toys have their mimics when they say words and sounds, and it's funny moving in. When speaking for man, only the voice changes, but the intonation is very accurate.

There's a recording device inside a funny hamster that responds to words and sounds. The hamster will repeat their special voice, more mature.

Talking hamster is a wonderful toy for both adults and children. The game is made of clean materials. It's nice to have a hamster in hand, thanks to a mild hair.

♪ Age: 3 years and adults
♪ Material: Hypoalergeic synthesis
♪ Dimensions: 15 x 9, 5 x 9 cm
:: Nutrition: 3 x AAA batteries


You need to be careful with the little kids up to three, because the sound is quite sharp and loud, it could scare the baby. In the state of turn, the toy can be given to children of any age.

Child development

The talking hamster is exclusively for good spirit and fun. There is therefore no evolving role for children. But good laughing is good, too.


This funny toy is a really good quality that the manufacturer guarantees. The footage is soft, hamster's furious and pleasant. The new version of the toy is painted by the Santa Claus hat, from which the ears and the scarf are in the strip.

When activated, the hamster listens up to 6 seconds and then repeats what he says.

It's best if we speak in silence, because the toy reproduces not only the phrases, but the sounds that surround us. Ultimately, if there's a strong background noise, reproducing will be vague and shy. The word he hears in a radius of a few meters, but the sound quality he gives will be worse.


The game is really funny, but a few roads are for its functionality.


The game is not developing. It's a fun entertainment for children and adults who's lost interest in time. The game can steal the interior. Don't recommend giving babies.