Дешёвые Электронная Собака Интерактивные Игрушки Русский и схожие

Russian Interactive Toys

Programme uniqueness:
The Red House Museum has a unique ability to lead children through creative learning experiments. Through the history and history of the arts, through tradition, the welfare and customs of folklore, religion and mythology, children will have an understanding of the creative heritage of the past. The world is open to modern children, with different languages, cultures and traditions, but they must not lose their national roots and be bearers of the Russian people ' s culture and be proud of its long-standing heritage.

Programme objectives:

  • To understand the essence of the law of harmony and beauty.
  • Formulate children ' s perceptions of the creative heritage of Russians, the types and characteristics of the arts.
  • Formulate the need to communicate with museums and museum objects and to preserve the substantive world.
  • To establish a logical link among children in a learning system through a game and a creative research process.
  • To familiarize children with the exemplary language of the decoration and application arts, develop their creativity in dealing with different materials and various technologies.

Intensification of classes: the programme is 72 hours (1 times per week to 2 hours).
Integrated training format: a game, creativity-intelligence miex consisting of theory and practice.
Methods of study: lecture, practical, interactive using information technology and works of art and art of the museum. Given the special circumstances of children ' s age, the museum pedagogy actively uses games, theatre elements, situational plots related to the history of a museum object, fragments from maulths, music and others.

Example of classes at the Russ House Museum:

Hohlomese signature
Talks about Hohlom (harvest history, colour and material characteristics, plant elements of the crosswriting) using the chochlom exponents of the museum (spot spoons, suppliers, bads. .
We're going to need Hohloma, Hohloma album, multimedia projector, various forms of black paper, guash, palitra, kitty.