Интерактивные игрушки для девочек купить по низкой цене из

Popular Interactive Toys For Girls

A group of " Children ' s World " companies, the largest trader in children ' s goods in Russia and Kazakhstan, presents a study of new yearly purchases for children and a rating of the most popular toys parents buy children for a new year ' s holiday. The new year remains a holiday in which it has traditionally not been possible to save. In December 2016, Russian parents will spend 28 billion roubles on children ' s toys. In comparison with last year, the cost of gifts will increase by 1.1 per cent." According to the sale of the network of " Children ' s World " stores, the average cost of the gift roubles is 1,268 roubles in November-2016. This figure increased by 3.1 per cent compared with the same period last year. The Children ' s World Network remains the most popular place in the selection of gifts for children, and we expect high sales in the coming new year. To ensure a high level of service, we extend the work of most network stores, and the four popular Moscow supermarkets move to a 24-hour working regime, told Nadzid Kiselev, the head of the External and Internal Communications Office of the Group of Children ' s World companies. As the " Children ' s World " notes, geography has a significant impact on consumer attitudes and preferences for parents. Thus, the average cheque increased most significantly in Lower Novgorod - 8.8 per cent to 1,214 roubles. The most generous parents live in Krasnodar, the average cost of the gift here is 1,420 roubles, slightly higher than the Russian total. In Moscow, the average cost of toys is also higher than 1,276 roubles (+2, 6%). It's interesting that in St Petersburg it's below 1,162 roubles, but its growth rate (4%) is higher than the capital. In 2016, the Children ' s World Project predicts that the market for children ' s goods will grow by 1 per cent, to about 519 billion roubles.10 new year gifts for children*

3. HotWheels
5. Radio control vehicles NEW BRIGHT
7. Interactive toy FURBY CONNECT (Hasbro)
9. Nerf (Hasbro)
10. Star assembly models

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