Купить интерактивный радиоуправляемый робот на пульте управления

Interactive Toys On The Control

That puppy is particularly fond of the girls, because what a young model doesn't dream of a small, stunning dog that can be worn in hand and be proud to show friends. But Juliette's still functional, because he knows how to call, and he's hitting his funny weddings with tail and head motions.


♪ The game is done in the form of a cute puppy blond named Juliette.

♪ The kit also contains a control remote that resembles a bright dog leash.

♪ The female can perform four functions:

1. Press the right button of the remote, the dog's gonna start barking, kicking his tail and moving his head.

2. Press the left button of the remote, the dog will start walking.

♪ The game is covered with a nice textile, textile material that looks like a soft cutter, and there's a beautiful pink bow on the head.