Кукла brightlings музыкальная интерактивная голубая 52300 argo72.ru

Interactive Toy Brightlings

The Brightlings Interactive Cup (6033860) is presented in the range. All three of them. They're different with flowers. An interactive doll reminds me of an alien. She's got little puffy pearls on her head. The torso is not proportional. Little keel, short pens and long legs. The doll face makes love through a radius smile. Puppet increase, 35 cm. She's pretty big, but with her, she's gonna be nice to have a baby put in a hug. Also, the doll, unfortunately, does not have a name, and the child will have to choose it on its own.

The doll understands when it's put in the face down; screams that it's dizzy to keep it upside down. The doll is also healthy, recognized in love, reported in its mood. If you hug the doll or drop it sharply, she'll have a reaction. She's gonna say it's nice or ask you not to.

The game is presented in 3 colours: pink, blue, purple. The price is set for one doll.

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