Интерактивные игрушки динозавр купить по низкой цене из каталога

Interactive Silverlit Toy Of Dinosaur

What does our kids like more than mulphine and computer games with different cybers and terminators? Only combat toy robots with which many exciting stories can be created.

You want your child to be involved in a useful game in which robot intellectual toys develop his attention, his imagination and his fantasy? Then you need to order one of their technical novels on Toyway. These are the interactive robots of known bends Abtoys, Silverlit, Rinzo, Hap-p-kid and other producers.

Our robots on radio are reliable and attractive. They're not just boys, but girls.

Interactive toysThe Toyways will surprise you with their capabilities.

  • The electromechanical robotic blemishes are connected with the dynamic clarity of the movements and the dinosaur plate. Works on batteries and remote remote remote remote remote remote remote remote remote remotely
  • The surgeons report infrared management.
  • Extreme warriors with a full combat kit armed with shields and blasters.
  • The complexity and size of the robots on radio and infrared settings are affected by light, sound, shooting. There are voting models, programmable and transformable, even dancing and singing.