Интерактивный котенок Пушинка на прогулке Vivid

Interactive Cat Toy On Leash

Изображение с названием Encourage Your Cat to Go to Sleep Step 1


Method 1

Cat games
  1. Play with the cat before she eats. The cats are hunters, and they feel the need to catch, kill and eat the prey. After that, the cat should rest. If you play with the cat in front of the food, it'll get faster. Use it. interactive toys (labels, laser signs) or hide toys to find them. You must have plenty of room for a cat to run freely, jump and climb.
    • Play with a cat at least 15 minutes every day, twice a day, if possible.
  2. Make the cat stare. If the cat's bored, she's worried, aggressive and doing what she can't do. Games and physical loads help solve behavioural problems (e.g., if a cat prevents sleep at night, melts or turns the whole house upside down). The cat needs to be busy this afternoon so she doesn't have to spend power at night. There are a few ways to drown a cat:
    • Intensively play with the cat, then rest, then play again. The cat organism is so arranged that it can act intensively for a limited amount of time, so it's necessary to play with the air. First, get the cat to move fast for a couple of minutes, then give her a rest and make her run or jump again. Then repeat. The longer you play, the faster the cat gets tired.
    • Stimulate the mining behaviour. Games aren't just smashing a toy in front of a cat. It's possible the cat won't like it.Изображение с названием Encourage Your Cat to Go to Sleep Step 2 So the cat starts hunting, approaching and pulling the toy, like it moves, hides it behind other objects, drives it off the cat.
    • Cats are more active than adults. Maybe you'll have to play with a kitten for an hour or even more to get tired.
  3. Offer the cat as much fun as possible. Some cat owners work all day or do not have time to play with animals. So that the cat has something to do in the afternoon, leave her a house of entertainment. For example:
    • Hide the toys and loneliness. The cat will hunt, and she won't be bored by herself.
    • Turn on the cat. You can turn on a channel that shows nature and animals, or put the fodders right outside the window so that the cat can watch birds.
  4. Rescue the cat. If the cat doesn't get bored, it can be coached. Cats are inclined to repeat action if it results in pleasant effects or rewards. This is different from punishments where undesirable behaviour leads to unpleasant consequences.Изображение с названием Encourage Your Cat to Go to Sleep Step 3 Cats misunderstood punishments and bad consequences of unwanted behaviour - they can become more aggressive or begin with double force of undesirable behaviour. Try the following methods:
    • It's a cliff. To teach the cat to do something specific, use a small plastic device with a metal strip that makes a latching sound when you press it. Every time a cat does something right, press the device to sound the cheek and then give the cat a lamb. There are many ways to teach cats that way. You can give the lamb at the same time as the cheek. The cat will gradually get used to what a click means a loop.
    • It's an excuse. If your cat lives in the house, try taking her out for a change. It's a relatively safe way to study wildlife. Buy a special box for cats or for little dogs and tips. Don't wear a normal collar on the cat because he's gonna squeeze his breathing paths and can hurt your neck. Besides, it's harder with a normal collar to control the cat's behavior, especially if it gets scared and starts to get out. First put a stick on the cat home so she can get used to it. Maybe a few days or weeks to get used to. You can try to teach a cat to follow you home on a leash or without it. Then take the cat outside.
    • In teaching cats, it is important to be patient and understand the nature of the cat. Some cats are studying fast, others need weeks or months, and some can't be taught. For example, a scary cat can resist a stick or a leash and refuse to go outside.
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