Интерактивная игрушка Макс - моя первая собака: 300 грн

Interactive Max Toy My First Dog

ВедьмакOrdinary people tell stories about how they go to work, sit with friends at the café and sleep at breaks. To live brighter and to have more pulstori in the armory about how the princess got kicked out of the dragons, saved the world from the Force of Zla and stole civilian cars for leisure, take the right thing - get into play.

The important thing is, it's not the best games that are commonly recognized, it's the toys of the past few years where we, staff 2x2, buried not one night and recommended to everyone. Believe us, we won't say anything wrong.

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Geralt, a monster destroyer, travels to the fantasy world in search of Cyri's girlfriend, who can stop the fate of the Wild Hunt. Guys fields and forests, kills griffons, sleeps with beauty and jokes. And a genie, and a nut.

Any part of the Vedimaca is unpleasant, and every next toy of the series gets better. It's even unfair to competitors, who the a priori should be very ashamed of what they are compared to the Vedimac. "Dirty hunting" is super-processed quests, many of which have unreal fistula. All the quests and decisions that have been taken have an impact on the game finale, which is cool and motivated.Deponia The war system here has received many benefits since the second part, the Signs have become useful, the world is detailed and open as far as possible

I'd like those who just love cool novels. And we love how many epic cobs have created localization!

Platforms: PS3, PS4

You're a mysterious nebo, your goal is to get to a very distant mountain. The story's synopsis is described more than complete, but you don't even know what magical and unusual play experience is hiding behind it. It's a very median and beautiful game, a music, a schedule, a landscape, where you're gonna have to go through a very vibrant location.

It's all really unusual and unusual. No map, no clue, no multiplier, but! During your journey, you can meet another player and move with him to that mountain. You don't know anything about your satellite as a regular account, except that it's a living person. You don't have a way of communicating other than screaming, and only at the end, by traveling, you see the name of your satellite in the tread. It's a very unusual and cool game experience.

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

There's no point in advertising GTA. The beauty of this world knows every pokemon since Vice City. But the fifth part (she's 15 in the series) is something. Oh, my God, Rockstar has lost 266 million dollars! There are three main heroes of developed characters, whose stories are overwhelmed. The ultimate goal is to steal the U.S. Federal Warehouse, delivering over $200 million in bags and pockets. Oh, my!

GTA V has the maximum freedom: an open, dynamic world, the possibility of switching between heroes at any time and the 3 ends of the main line. To steal, go to strip clubs, steal cars, love, watch TVs, do yoga, play Tamagos, do selphie, smuggle! It's all possible.

And branding News for those who have been sleeping in the hole in recent years: a multiplier has finally arrived at GTA V. Now it's the same thing you can do online with your gang, and you don't have to have friends. But be prepared to die as a "Great of Thrones" style, very and very sudden.

Platform: PC

Deponia is a steep humorist quest that runs logic and erritation. It's a perfect option for those who don't take the shots to the spirit and think the usual brass is primitive and boring. The story of the quest is that Rufus, the statute of life on a small planet, vained by garbage, is one after another building ridiculous escape plans.

Путешествие GTA V Brothers Tale of two Sons Overwatch

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