Интерактивная игрушка Chicco Детский телефончик от 1 года

Child Interactive Toys Of 1 Year

Child-producing toys in Ekaterinburg are represented in a wide range at a specialized Zabiyaca shop. We offer learning games and products for children up to and above. Price, manufacturer information and detailed description of each product you will find on the catalogue pages.

Types of goods

Wishing to buy developing toys for children, we offer the following items:

♪ Interactive models;

♪ Computers to examine letters, figures;

♪ Music tools;

- Designers, puzzles, sorters;

♪ Cube kits;

♪ Wood;

♪ Physical and chemical experience kits;

♪ Books and electronic posters.

Child-producing toys on the Zebiaca Internet store are suitable for self-employment, as well as individual and group training in play form. The product aims to improve physical and intellectual skills. When selecting the model, it is important to take into account the age category of the user.

Sorders, cubes, wooden models are oriented towards the smallest, and the use of tuition panels with letters and numbers (petty computers) will be a good help in preparing children for school.

The interactive toys produced for different age groups also deserve attention. As they respond to user actions, the child learns to analyse the situation and decide on its own, depending on the expected or the result.