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Caliningrad Interactive Toys

Since 2006, the Department of Education Information has been providing comprehensive equipment for the Kaliningrad region ' s educational establishments with the equipment of the classrooms of schools and the development of the kindergarten environment in accordance with GEF requirements.

Delivery of goods:

1. Demonstration and laboratory equipment for study offices
2. Experiment kits, microscopes, telescopes
♪ Trends in thematic and information
4. Thematic posters and tables
5. Maps and globes
6. Advertisements (vertebrates, walls, boards, ads), molts
7. Flexible modules
8. Sports tools (mouths, handcuffs, Swedish walls, mats, soft plays, fun starts equipment)
9. Chemical reagents and dishes
10. Educational multimedia manuals (learning video, interactive programmes, tests, assignments)
11. Toys and games, designers
12. School and kindergarten robotics
13♪ Training and pedagogical documentation (books, books, forms, certificates, credits, student tickets, etc.)
14. Methodological literature for teachers and educators
15. Training manuals

1. Organization of training seminars, workshops and classrooms
2. Training of managers
3. Consultations and selection of GEF Games and Developing Benefits
4. Assistance in document processing, including tenders for the supply of toys and equipment to DPI
5. Assistance in the processing of documents, including tenders for the supply of school equipment
The catalogue on the site is constantly evolving, but it does not yet give a complete picture of the diversity of our collection.